House Rules
Staying in the apartman begins at 15 am on the first day and ends no later than 10 o clock in the morning on the last day of their stay . The last day of stay (day of leaving the apartment ) is not included in the total number of days in the unit .

The time of night rest begins at 23pm and lasts till 8am. Guests are obligated to respect the appropriate peace and quite from consideration to other guests.

During their stay, guests can use all the devices inside the apartment . Guests are instructed on the use of all items, inventory and equipment , and undertake to handle them carefully and appropriately . In case of damage or disappearance of certain items or equipment from the suite, the guest is required to inform the host of the suites at the moment of that event and recoup the value of missing or destroyed items.

Thorough cleaning of the suites is done by the host of the suites after every shift of the guests. The linen is changed after every shift of the guests and every seven days during the stay of the guests.

Host of the suites holds the right, in certain circumstances, if the guests are absent, to enter their suite if he thinks it is necessary in order to prevent damage or danger of foreseeable or unforeseeable proportions (in the case of water leak, fire, if the windows wings or shutters can be damaged due to exposure to wind or rain, or something similar). In case of that emergency entry to the suite while the guests are absent, the host will notify the guests of the time and reason for his entry to the suite.

In the suites, longer stay, sleeping and overnight stay of guests that are not registered as guests of IMPRIĆ suites is not allowed.

It is not allowed to bring weapons, forbidden narcotics, or any other dangerous thing to the suites.

It is not allowed to bring house pets to the suites.

Smoking is not allowed in the suites. We ask the smokers not to throw cigarette butts all over the house, garden or outside of it, and to take necessary precautions in the prevention of fire, and for your own safety.

The guests must take care of their own possessions and valuables. The owner of the facility renounces all responsibility for the possible loss of possessions or valuables of the guests. At Your disposal is the home safe where you can store your documents or valuables.

If you decide to end your stay in the apartment before you are asked to pay the full cost of booking, or if you paid room upon arrival home is not obligated to repay the funds .

Guests are required to ensure the cleanliness of the apartment in which they reside.

Apartments are equipped with air – conditioning, and guests are asked to use the air conditioning only in the presence while staying in the apartment .

The landlord is not obligated or responsible for recreation and entertained .

Please abide to those informations listed above so you could make the stay comfortable for yourself and for other guests.

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