About Vir

Vir is from Zadar 26 km away , and the sea (to port), about 15 miles away. The land is connected with Privlački draft harbor bridge since 1976. year , which Vir has become an integral part of the mainland. In the eastern part of Gaza lies Islet , covered with pine forests and long sandy beach , which makes specialty . The islet has until recently been connected with the way Vir during low tide was an integral part.

Vir is one of the 300 islands of the Zadar archipelago, one of the 1186 islands and islets in the Croatian Adriatic. Passed in the Sea of Vir in the northwest part of Dalmatia. Twentieth croatia largest among the islands, and eighth in the Zadar archipelago . Continues to Privlački peninsula from which it is separated by 3m deep and 300m wide Privlački draft . From the island to the northeast is divided by 0.7 nm channel New Povljane .

From north to south, west and surrounded by the islands of Pag , Maun, Olib , Molat , Sestrunj Rivnjom and Ugljan. It has a surface of 22,38 km 10,12 km and a maximum width of 4.25 km. Coast line is 31.43 kilometers . Because of the favorable depth in the Sea of Vir , Vir lead to important maritime routes to Rijeka, Italy , south of Zadar and Croatian . Because of these sea routes to the west of the lighthouse was built . Through Channel New Povljane for larger , and the Draft for smaller boats , the sea route through Nin and Ljubački Ljubačka bay and doors ( Forticu ) in the Velebit Channel.

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