Surrounding the island of Vir


Zadar is a cultural , economic and administrative center of northern Dalmatia , from apartments IMPRIĆ 20 kilometers away . Zadar is 3000 years old , and for centuries was the capital of Dalmatia.

Zadar has  rich heritage of world importance, visible at every step. Ancient street on the peninsula is still present , as well as the Roman Forum from the 1th century.
Zadar is a city in which a lot of space left for pedestrians , stroll along the cobbled streets of the city will become a walk through history, but also the experience of modern life . In Zadar on the city’s waterfront to find unique sea organ -driven wave power , and magic light of new installations of Sun Salutation.
Trademark of the Romanesque church of Sv. Donat from the 9th century, and Zadar are the most beautiful examples of Romanesque architecture in Croatia :

cathedral . Anastasia 13th c
St. . Krševana 12th c
bell tower . Mary from in 1105. the
walls with Port and Land gates from the 16th c
Square three wells
Five Wells Square
City Lodge
City Guard

Zadar has four patron saints : St . Sime , Sv. Anastasia , St. . Krševan and Sv. Zoilo . The world famous permanent exhibition of church art and traditional event Musical Evenings in St. . Donat , are just part of the great cultural offer .

At the touch of Zadar County is the most famous Croatian National parks : Plitvice Lakes , Kornati , Krka, Paklenica and North Velebit which by UNESCO protected biosphere areas .


It is the oldest Croatian royal town , located on a small island surrounded by long sandy beaches . From apartments IMPRIĆ is just 5 kilometers .

Continuous life Nin is over 3000 years old. It was founded by the Illyrian Liburni century before  Christ when called Aenona . On the ruins of the village in the early 7th century Croats founded the town of Nin , the first political , religious and cultural center of the medieval state.

The ancient town of Nin lived famous prince Višeslav , Bishop Gregory of Nin , Duke Branimir kings : Kresimir , Zvonimir , Tomislav and princes Bribirski .

Nin is also famous for its two pre-Romanesque church of St. . Cross from the 9th century, ” the smallest cathedral in the world” and the coronation church of Sv. Nicholas the end of the 11th century.

Place Zaton

Zaton is a small town located in the Bay of Zadar channel . A unique combination of Dalmatian architecture , mild Mediterranean climate , untouched nature, rich cultural and historical heritage and lively tourist everyday.

On the Bay are known remains of life and culture since the beginning of the Bronze Age , about 4000 years before . In Roman times it was a port of Zaton which belonged AENONA ( Nina ) .

In this area today is a tourist village Zaton Holiday Resort .

At the Bay area there are various historical and archaeological remains , such as:

old church of St. . Nicholas was built in the late 11th c
tower ” Kaštelina ” was built in the late 16th century, built by the Venetians to defend against the Turks
remains Liburni Ships century before Christ
Liburni tombs , burial mounds , quarries , etc.

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